SectionBuilder is a finite element based tool for the analysis of cross-sections of beams of arbitrary configuration made of anisotropic materials. SectionBuilder is seamlessly integrated with Dymore to automate the analysis of geometrically exact beams within the framework of flexible multibody systems.

The following information concerning SectionBuilder is available.

  • The input files needed to run SectionBuilder are described in details in the user's manual.
  • Consult the tutorial to get started using SectionBuilder.
  • SectionBuilder uses freely available, cross-platform compilers, graphical user interface, and graphical packages only, see the installation notice.
  • SectionBuilder is fully integrated with Dymore, a finite element based multibody dynamics code for the comprehensive modeling of flexible multibody systems. Dymore has been implemented in industrial settings, it is presently used by a number of rotorcraft, wind energy, and aerospace companies and research laboratories.
  • SectionBuilder has been developed by Prof. Bauchau and his students.